Project Management Consultancy

Scope of Project Management Consultancy:

Services offered for Builders & Developers, Construction companies & Private/ Govt./ Semi-Govt. Organisations.


Labor Hutment, No of Shifts, Site Timings, Holidays list and Site offices with infrastructure and Initial Site Mobilization Report and Schedule.

Roads and Drainage for Storm Water and Dewatering and Power Supply and Generator Provision with sufficient Backup.

Readymade Concrete Mix Provision, Installation of Mini/Batching Plant with Pollution Control Board Clearance including back up Plans for failure of Batching Plant and SiteLayout in complete with respect different Milestones.


Quantity survey of Each Major and Minor Item, specification, Contracts and Tender Claws.
Estimation of Major and Minor Quantities with respect to Specification and with respect to WBS.


Drawing Requirement Chart on weekly and Monthly basis. Preparing WBS, Quantity of Each WBS and Activities there on, Procurement Planning. Type of Labor and Material, Machineries requirement Chart on week and Monthly Basis with output, Organgrams.

Shuttering Scheme of WBS and type of shuttering, Design and its approval and Procurement, Mobilization and Demobilization for Manpower, Materials and Machineries in micro level.

Schedule, Bar Chart, Progress Review Formats [DPR, WPR, MPR], Daily, Weekly and Monthly MIS.

Advance Procurement schedule, Advance Resources Schedule[Manpower, Machineries and Any other Special Item] and Contractor Organgram With Responsibility Matrix for Round the Clock with two shifts.

Special additional Labor arrangement and Facilities to be provided in Extreme Weather [Hot, Rainy and winter] by the Contractor.

Any incentive scheme to be launched to achieve required Target and Milestone by Client as well as Contractor.


Review Meetings Schedule and Presentation on SAFETY, QUALITY, PROJECT STATUS, Rescheduling any Critical Activity without changing Mile Stone Dates as per Client Requirement. And Critical constraints in advance, analysis and remedies.

Elevating Performance of Team and Machineries and Labors at site and involved in the Project as a Team, optimum utilization of Client Resources and provision of Task Force for Critical Hurdles.

Special Monsoon Plan and its requirements and Responsibility Matrix.


Preparation of Budget, S Curve and Cash Flow and Variance Analysis, rectification in Budget keeping overall Budget and Intact.

Billing Procedure, Submission and Approval Process and Payment as per Contract.

All deduction clause for the Contractor with respect to Quality, Delay and Safety and written and agreed Commitment.


Daily, Weekly and Monthly Programmers and Target Setting with respect to MILE STONES.

Restructuring the Backlog of Daily, Weekly and Monthly Back Logs to achieve.

Progress without Changing the Scheduled Dates of Milestones.

BBS Checking and Reinforcement utilization Register daily to be updated and checked with reconciliation.

Periodic Reconciliation of all Resources, Materials and Machineries. Used by the Contractor.


Safety Manual fixed for the Project duly approved by Client and accepted by Contractor, list of Safety MIS and Reports and periodic submission by Contractor and 3-PPES to be used for Labor with their Materials and Manufacturing Test Certificates to be used for different types of Labor by the Contractor.

Medical Facilities for all incase of Major Accident, Drinking Water Facility for Labor, Labor hutment and its associated facilities to be provided in advance by Contractor

Provision of Fire Extinguisher at Site, Daily Toolbox and periodic Training about safety and work procedure to Labors, Sitebase First aid and Doctor for Minor Injuries with Medicines and immediate Treatment for common ailments.

Recycling of use of PPES By Contractors, Garvage cleaning at Labor Hutments and site Housekeeping DPR, Details of Permission Requirement wrt EXCAVATION,Electical LT and HT Lines.

Site Layout with all infrastructure facilities like Road,Power,Water supply, Concreting Procedure, Shuttering Scheme and usages of Shuttering as agreed in Contracts. Mobile site camps at different locations on purely Temporary Basis.

Labor Conveyance Planning from Hutment to Site for two shifts and arrangement of Lunch for Labor at site not at Camp including Drinking Water Facility.


Mix Design and Reports, No and Type of tests to be performed in Quality Labs and at Outside approved Govt/Pvt Labs approved by Client for all construction Materials as listed in Contracts.

Curing Process with list of items of Materials, Tools and Tackles to be used, Establishing Quality Lab at sites with requisite instruments and accessories to conduct approved Tests at site and keeping Records of Pour Cards, Tests and Approved BBS, Scheduling of self Audit and Third Party Audit.

Procedure and Checklist of QC at site for various Construction activities with Joint approval from Client and Consultant from Surveying to Concreting and Erection of Structures to Handing Over after successful commissioning by Trained and Qualified Quality Personnel.

Formation of Quality and SafetyOrgan gram for the Project with two members from Client, Contractor and PMC for fortnight review and necessary measures for immediate action including rectification if any. This review is done at site which is specifically meant for Quality and Safety apart from Progress review meetings.


After due settling of all bills pending with client and resolving all the long delayed issue wrt any extra work done or any other item what so ever may be the official handing over procedure is made and a brief chart with check list is given for repair and maintenance for a period for the Project as agreed in the Contract Including Facility Management and Interior Design Management.

MOU signed with Arda Grup, Turkey

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