Facility Management


The company expanded its business towards providing facility management services to the residential and commercial properties. We provide technically qualifies professionals with skilled and unskilled persons.

Supreme engicons Pvt Ltd office administration utilize best practices to make and keep up the conveyance of unrivaled FMS. Supreme go about as an augmentation of our customer’s association which include esteem based upon our workforce’s skill and industry information and utilization of frontline advances.

From basic offices and corporate home office to large Residential society, Supreme FMS group is devoted for giving the most secure and most productive work places. Our service will help you reduce costs, Increase efficiency and responsiveness and provide24x7x365 days service.

Soft Services:

General Keep up

Maintaining Clean & healthy environment &Cleaning and maintenance of the external periphery.


Maintaining the health of the plants.


Ensuring proper implementation of effective security.

Office support staff

Support staff should be provided for establishing and maintaining a successful practice in the office.

Pest Control

To keep the environment pest free.

Water tank cleaning

Maintaining a clean water body system.

Garbage Disposal

Maintaining a waste free environment by proper garbage disposal system.

Window Cleaning

Providing window cleaning services twice a year.


A concierge serves the guests of an apartment building with duties similar to a receptionist.


A receiver will have the power to collect the rent.

Window Cleaning

Providing window cleaning services twice a year.

Hard Services:

Building management systems

Ensuring proper functionality of fire detection & protection system and CCTVs and intercoms.


Maintaining electric supply for all lighting power DBs and conducting an annual electric audit.

Mechanical servies

Ensuring proper functionality of all plumbing and fire fighting pumps.


Ensuring proper carpentry work by carpenter like custom cabinetry, furniture repair etc.

HVAC services

Ensuring installation of these services throughout a building to move air in or out of a room.

Lift Operation

Ensuring proper operation of the lifts in the building.

DG Set operation

Ensuring proper operation of the DG sets.

Facility management Projects:

Hyde Park,Thane(W).

Lalani Residency,Thane(W).